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Cold and hungry: What’s interesting and unusual to try in winter?

Old fag

When winter comes, it gets a little sad at first. Of course, the holidays are just around the corner and this smoothes out the overall depressing impression a bit. Before the first trip to the supermarket. And there, mountains of bright peppers and zucchini have turned into neat piles of expensive imports, and the vegetable department sells mostly potatoes and carrots. Two kinds, washable and unwashed.

There is a similar atmosphere in the market, where instead of summer and autumn luxury a few wrapped grandmothers sell beans in glasses, and traders in tents are trying to add a pathetic bundle of green onions at the price of inexpensive television. But it’s all just on the surface. It is the cold days that seem to have been specially invented for a whole range of incredible gastronomic experiences, which the “Smachne Zhitya” magazine will start to remind you of right now.

I’m not gonna give stew to the enemy‚Ķ

Dark cold evenings are perfect for putting various winter vegetables and possibly fruits into a thick-walled pot or baking mould, adding not too lean meat and getting a hot, juicy, fragrant stew in a couple of hours. Or something like that. For the standard version is good for regular potatoes, carrots, parsnip, pumpkin, apples and quinces, and from meat – pork, lamb, beef, turkey or chicken. You can experiment with spices, herbs and sauces. After all, the addition of broth, wine, chopped tomatoes, mustard or soy sauce – your choice will influence the result. Dried mushrooms or beans will also give the dish its characteristic features. There are so many combinations that you can do something new every day until the May holidays. And then go straight to the kebabs.

If the usual ragout is full, there are options. We’re talking about what you can put in a pot and stew for a long time, right? Then don’t go past the Italian classics of ossobuco or bolognese sauce. They require the same thing for a perfect result – quality products, fire and time. And then you’ll cry with happiness over your plate.

I’m sick of Europe, it’s okay. In Morocco, they love a thing like tagine. Tagine is both a special dish and a dish. You have to take different vegetables and meat (reminds me of something described above, right?), put it in the tajine and stew. Even if there is no tagina as dishes in the house, it will turn out not authentic, but delicious and unusual in any thick-walled pot or clay pot. Dried fruits – raisins, dates, curaga, nuts and spices with bright character – cumin, smoked paprika, cinnamon – are often put into the tableware. Therefore, the dish is so fragrant that the neighbors can visit you with plates. It’s up to you to decide what to do in this case.

Well, another option is curry. Not the curry that’s in the bag, but a variety of dishes. Curry is extremely popular in Asian countries like India or Thailand. You are already familiar with the technique, with one exception. First you have to make curry pasta and then stew meat or fish and vegetables in it. In this pasta they put different flavors – onions, garlic, ginger, chili peppers and spices, interrupt in a blender and warm in a saucepan. And then they add other products. The longer curry is stewed, the deeper its flavour. The result is a dish that is tasty, interesting and quite spicy, so you can warm up even if the batteries are screwed on. And this is a healthy life jack nowadays.

To build team spirit.

That’s how you read it, and you’d think people were fixated on food, no other way. But not really. We’re here with both hands for leisure, too. For example, collective molding on long winter nights. Many people practice dumplings on Vasily in January, but why not do it more often and combine it with an educational program? A friendly company can mold many interesting things, experiment with dough and stuffing. One day you can have an Italian party and make various ravioli and tortellini, try red wine and make plans for the summer. Next time you will have an Asian party, make vontons and gedze, dip them in fragrant and spicy sauces, and make friendly jokes with those who do not like ginger. And there are also khinkali, dumplings and manty. And that’s the first thing that came to mind. Who better to have this kind of sit-down? Of course, someone with a big kitchen and a pasta machine is easier. But anyway, an evening of laughter, conversation and delicious food is provided for you.

Now let’s talk about drinks. You know what unites punch, groggy and mulled wine? Right, it’s all hot alcoholic cocktails. And each of them doesn’t have a single stable recipe, but rather a common method. For example, to make grog, you have to dilute the rum with sugar syrup. It’s what they used to do in the British Navy. Today you can dilute the syrup with whiskey or other strong drink, and add to this basis spices and fragrant citrus. Do you see where this is going? All this opens the door to parties with friends, it’s good that the winter holidays are long. Due to objective factors, such experiments can be more fun than vonts.

Eyes on the roots.

Meat, dough, all fat, with calories. One for happiness.